About Us

Over the years of working on theJazzPage.com, I’ve received thousands of CDs. The dilemma for me had become what to do with them after listening. I’ve given untold numbers of discs to public radio stations over the past decade or more, and I’m pleased that those efforts helped get a lot of music heard that wouldn’t have been otherwise. But as more stations moved towards programming less creative music, I found fewer outlets to which I could provide this surplus of recordings.

Having spent quite a bit of time in radio studios and gotten to know a few good DJ friends, I’ve certainly considered the possibility of doing something in radio. The opportunity to create an online station was something I’ve flirted with over the years, but I was very busy and when I had the time I could see that some of the technical tools were not developed to the point where they were user-friendly. One late night this past spring, I more thoroughly investigated one of the platforms I had looked at periodically. It was markedly improved from earlier versions, with more advanced programming and planning tools. I decided at some point to more vigorously explore the idea of creating a station.

My main reason for doing all of this is first and foremost my appreciation for the artists. The men and woman who make this music make our world more beautiful, despite whatever else is going on. I want this station to honor the great work they do, which is why it was important to me that the platform was handling all licensing issues properly.

What I also love about the ability to do this is being able to present the music with limited interruption. It’s very much like the experience of taking a nice long drive and having all this great music along for the ride to make the experience even better. The run-up to making this station a reality has demanded significant time that would have gone to my other projects. Listening back to this music to create our playlist, appreciating it all again, has absolutely been well worth it for me, and I hope it will be for listeners as well.


Glenn Daniels
Producer of TheCoolStream.com